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Green Matters strives to identify and develop green, innovated, environmentally sustainable commercialized technology in the Heat/ventilation/ and air conditioning “HVAC” segment of the market and reducing consumers carbon foot print while generating substantial savings.

Many large scaled facilities such as hotels; hospitals and high-rise residential have a central water chilling plant providing air conditioning to the rooms. In warm climates these chilling plants are running continuously and are large in comparison to the heating loads. This creates an ideal opportunity for Green Matters revolutionized heat recovery water heater (HRWH) to replace conventional boilers and maximize on efficiencies without the use of fossil fuel leading to zero emissions.

Mission Statement

To be the driving force behind more efficient, green, and cost-effective solutions to reduce energy usage and maximize heat recovery technologies.

• Incorporated in BC in December 2011, as a private original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company.
• Extensive research and development helped achieve the success in developing scaled models of the HRWH, making it first to market of its kind.
• The Heat Recovery Water Heater is the company’s proprietary machine and holds several patents through various applications.
• Completed its first sale on November 2014 of two 150-ton HRWH to the Marriott Hotel in Puerto Rico.
• In the process of establishing facilities internationally to provide convenient sales and service.
• Focused on quality reliable products while delivering a smooth transition to customer satisfaction.
• Making a huge difference in reducing emissions in today’s environment concerns.

Recognized Members of the Canada Green Building Council


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