Our Technology

Green Matters Technologies Inc. has developed a Heat Recovery Water Heater (HRWH), which is designed to convert the wasted heat rejected from existing cooling loads into useful domestic hot water for various types of facilities. Our revolutionized Heat Recovery Water Heater unit separates us from other heat recovery and heat pump manufactures based on our fully innovated patented technology.

Heat recovery from the condenser water (cooling loop) of a conventional water-cooled chiller can be used to satisfy a building’s potable water heating or space heating loads of up to 150oF with a COP (coefficient of performance) as high as 600% at full load.

Normally, a rooftop-cooling tower will reject this waste energy into ambient air, while Green Matters innovated technology captures this energy and reuses it to heat up water for showers, laundry, kitchens, spas while eliminating the use of fossil fuels which are consumed by a traditional boiler. In addition, the load on the cooling tower is reduced and the condenser water returning to the water chiller is cooler, allowing the chiller to meet the cooling demand more efficiently.

Green Matters proprietary technology delivers huge savings of up to 75% in energy costs and substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Scale-able design allows for new and retrofit commercial, industrial and residential markets while employing high quality construction with fully certified parts.

Recognized Members of the Canada Green Building Council


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