Consumer Benefits

Participants in the water heater and HVAC markets have been producing more and more efficient products for the past several years. What separates Green Matters Technologies Inc. from its competitors, is that we are focused solely in producing innovated unique green technology products, which are cost effective, efficient and reliable. Other then Green Matters, there has not been a manufacturer that devotes its products and technology to solely capturing waste heat energy from water chillers to be re-used for water and/or space heating purposes.

Here are some key points that, we believe, make us different.

Product Reliability

Green Matters revolutionized Heat Recovery Water Heater is designed down to every detail and rigorously tested for reliability and durability. Our qualified engineers design, build and test every unit to insure the highest quality before reaching our clients destination. With Green Matters you’re getting more than reliable comfort and you’re getting it year after year.

Professional Installation

At Green Matters, we recognize that based on system performance depends on the quality of installation. Therefore, we select highly qualified contractors that are committed to being the best in installation, service, and customer satisfaction. Green Matters has access to comprehensive training programs that promote best practices and ensure our products are installed properly to achieve maximum comfort and efficiency.

Advanced Technology

With several patents and counting, Green Matters thrives to be the world’s leading green HVAC manufacturer. The Heat Recovery Water Heater is an innovated smart system with a touch screen LCD to give you remote access to day-to-day operations. Green Matters management and engineers are respected industry-wide for their skills and performance in designing advanced systems that provide commercial industries across the world with the highest level of satisfaction.


Green Matters limited 2-year warranty provides consumers with protection in case a component of the system fails. We only use components that have demonstrated a long reliable track record.

Savings and Green incentives

The Heat Recovery Water Heater delivers efficiencies of up to 600%, which result in huge savings of approximately 75%. These hard savings allow paybacks of only 2-3 years with a machine life expectation of over 25 years. Our unit can also qualify for additional savings through carbon credits or rebates that are offered through green incentives contributing too much lower paybacks.

Net Energy Consumption and Hot Water Costs can be reduced by 75%!

Recognized Members of the Canada Green Building Council


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