Our CE-K500 heat recovery system seamlessly integrates into existing mechanical rooms without the need to remove existing legacy systems. It taps into the waste heat being sent to cooling towers and utilizes that energy to provide 100% of a building’s hot water needs.

By utilizing heat that would have simply been wasted, the CE-K500 provides commercial and residential facilities with potable hot water in a cost-effective, energy-saving, and emissions-free solution at efficiencies of 610%.

With a COP of 6.1, Intertek performance certification, and a small footprint making it easy to install without the need to remove existing equipment, the CE-K500 reduces hot water heating costs and significantly reduces CO2 emissions, and eliminates the need for a gas-fired water heater, making net zero possible. Today.

Just as our technology is innovative and unique, so is our pricing model.  

We understand that purchasing additional HVAC infrastructure is not something facility owners have usually budgeted for. And even with the potential of new technology providing significant savings, capital expenditures must still becarefully considered.  So we provide our CE-K500 based on a service-utility model and simply charge a monthly fee based on the savings generated. It’s a model that ensures what’s best for you, is best for us. Because the more robust and efficient our technology is, the more you save.  

We believe innovation is key to solving climate change. That’s why we are building brilliantly engineered products that are both environmentally sustainable and commercially viable, making the way for a brighter and greener tomorrow.

Green Matters Technologies. Designing with the future in mind.