The testing process is completely automated with the ATL (automated test loop) panel following a sequential programming protocol that generates 30 different scenarios that each CE-K500 could potentially face once installed in a facility.

Pre-Orders for the CE-K500: Recently, our Chairman and CEO, Michael Caetano traveled to the Dominican Republic. We met with a number of hotel groups and are preparing proposals for 3 of their 45 facilities.

The trip was a great success, and it’s an exciting time for us as we see orders beginning to flow through the pipeline and increasing interest in our technology.  

Switching to Stainless Steel Piping: Initially, the internal piping on our units was made of copper. But for a couple of significant reasons, we’re looking at making the change to stainless steel.

With stainless steel, each connection can be pre-bent into its proper shape without the need for joints. This is simpler, saves time, and coupled with the longer lifetime of stainless steel, makes the CE-K500 more robust, and cheaper to produce.

WesHall, Advisory Board Chair: Just in case you missed our most recent update, Wes Hall, Chairman and Founder of Kingsdale Advisors, BlackNorthInitiative, and WeShall Investments, and also one of the Dragons on CBC’s hit series Dragons Den, has been appointed as our advisory board Chairman.

Wes brings significant knowledge and experience to the team, and with his passion and insight, we are thoroughly enjoying getting tok now him better, and look forward to how our relationship continues to grow.